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What is Joomla?

Joomla is a user-friendly way for people all over the world to build anything from basic websites to advanced web applications. It is considered a Content Management System (CMS) and currently runs 10% of the world’s business websites. 

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Your fully functional Joomla website will be hosted on the Platform, it even includes FTP, PHPMyAdmin, and the ability to install extensions. You can keep it as long as you login and click a “renew” button once every 30 days. The only limitations are 500MB of disk space, subdomain usage, and your imagination... but fear not, you can upgrade to remove the first two limitations starting at only $5/mo.

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I love Joomla How I can get involved?

There is a reason Joomla is the world's best Content Management System.. It has a thriving community of solely volunteer contributors who are passionate about the Joomla project. We encourage you to get involved, it is easy to do and highly rewarding!

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Beta Testing and Bug Squashing

For those of you who like to have fun, we find beta testing and bug squashing to be an excellent way to pass the time. Select the latest Alpha, Beta or RC during checkout. Follow along with the Issue Tracker and consider joining the Bug Squad

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